Today’s tutorial

Today i finally made a decision on what i want to do, i’m go to persue the embroidery idea and see how far it can take me. During a discussion in the tutorial it came to me that i have a thing for things that are ugly, however i see them as beautiful when conventionally they are ugly. I’ve decided to base my project around this idea.

Ultimately i want to portray ugly things, in a beautiful way. I’ve began researching this huge idea, and narrowed it down to a few smaller things. I need to ultimately photograph things, and then draw from these in order to create and embroidered illustration.

I’ve started today looking at decay, in particular that of flowers. I’ve done a couple of drawings so far and intend to carry on. The only issue i’ve had so far is that it’s difficult to tell through simple line drawings that the flower are dying, and essentially losing the beauty they one possessed. So i may need to rethink the way in which i am drawing to show this in a more effective way.


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