Village Fete Report

My group consisted of, myself, Amelia and Vicky. We went through lots of different ideas during the brainstorming session, however none seemed overly original, and different to the normal ideas. We rejected the idea of a Santa’s grotto, as we felt it was just very samey, and children would find it exciting but not so much university students. We decided originally on the ‘unicorn bus tour’, as we thought it was imaginative and fun, and something people wouldn’t mind paying a small price for. We had planned to create a tour in the vis com studio including the sink as a fountain of youth. We all played an equal part throughout the project. However due to other projects happening at the same time we ended up creating our tour as a 3 dimensional map that people could guess where the ‘treasure’ was and then whoever was closest won the prize.


–          Easily created

–          Cheap to make- more profit- costs easily covered

–          Easy to take part- easy prize winning

–          Cheap to play 20p a go

–          Bright colours- eye catching


–          Not overly exciting

–          Quite basic- doesn’t require much interaction

–          Not considered hugely entertaining


–          Takes less time than other stalls, could mean more people are able to take part


–          Lots of competition

–          Around Christmas time- Christmas themed stalls may do better


–          Unicorn themed- lots of glitter

–          The customer wants to win the prize- need to have a good prize


–          Cheap- not too cheap should cover cost of prize

–          In line with competition if people are willing to pay more then should we charge more?


–          Which stall you are next to can impact chances of selling

–          Placing- next to doorway in more likely people will stop, out of the way, will they see you etc.


–          Signage- ensure people can see the name and price

–          Could have a campaign prior to the village fete- get people interested

We knew that our stall wasn’t something we could charge huge amounts for, although it had a prize the fact that there was only one chance of winning affects people’s opinions on how much they want to spend. Many people won’t spend money if they get nothing from that investment. We spent £1 on the prize for our stall, and made a total of £3.80 which meant we made £2.80. Considering people were only paying 20p a turn, we were happy with the result. Although others made a lot more profit, I personally felt that if more people had attended the fete we could have potentially made more profit.

When customers came to our stall we ensured we were friendly, and explained how the game worked and showed them the prize, so what they could potentially get for a 20p investment.

As a group we struggled with time keeping. We didn’t create our stall until late, which meant it wasn’t done to the highest standard it could have been. If we had created something that maybe looked less diy, people might have been more inclined to visit our stall and spend their money.

We didn’t want to invest too much in a prize as we weren’t sure how the afternoon would go, if could have been sure that a lot of people would have attended the fete I feel we would have spent more on a better prize, knowing we would have made our money back.

Given more time, and if we hadn’t had other projects running, we probably could have come up with a better idea, and invested more effort in it, possibly meaning we would have made more profit which was ultimately the aim.

I have learnt that in business costing is everything. If you don’t know how much things are going to cost you are unlikely to know how well you can do profit wise. Along with this planning is everything, making sure you know what you’re doing when is useful in being successful. I feel this project has taught me I need to be more organised in group projects and take responsibility even if no one else has.



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