Printing Problems

I very foolishly, left the printing of my final images until quite last minute, which meant the printing facilities at uni were all fully booked, nightmare! I knew i wanted my prints to be around a5 size, so around 8×6 and just had to find somewhere that would enable me to do this.

I found somewhere and thought i’d selected a matte finish, i hadn’t which is completely my own fault, however i didn’t have enough time or the funds to reprint all 12 of the images. They don’t look terrible, i just personally prefer to loo at matte images and they are given more justice in a exhibition situation. The light doesn’t bounce off of them etc. they are generally easier on the eye.

Although this isn’t an ideal situation to have found myself in, it could be worse! And i now know for next time that when selecting print settings it’s important to double check and then check again just to ensure that it all goes accordingly.

It’s hard to tell at the moment how they will look in the exhibition fingers crossed they will be okay, i am pleased with the photographs themselves however.


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