Letter Press Induction

Scan 6 Scan 8I attended the letter press induction at Blenheim walk, as i’d worked with Letter Press before and really enjoyed it. However this was a completely different process to what i was used to. This was a good thing however as it was something completely different to what i was used to.

I’m previously worked with larger wooden block type, so then working with the small lead type was a big difference. The process is lengthy, and you have to have a lot of patience. I also found that as it was an induction we did things slower than we maybe would on our own, not a bad thing as it was the first time using the equipment, but if i was to use it again for my own work it might not feel as slow.

At the moment my work doesn’t have a need for letter press but i would love to use it again, i find older, craft practices fascinating, and i think it’s important that they don’t completely die out.

I’ve decided that i want to read the book ‘Just my type’, as it was recommended by the technician as a really enjoyable, but informative read. So when i get time i shall be doing just that!

I was happy with the work i produced in the induction, i just wish i’d had something from my own work that i could of then used in my work, as it’s a really beautiful process, that gives a really nice result. One that i personally prefer to the computerised type.


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