Blackfish is a documentary that explores the lives of Killer whales in captivity. It shows them fro the beginning and explores the issues that have occurred since they’ve been held for entertainment purposes in parks across America and in Spain. I’ve never visited one of these parks and to be quite honest have never planned on it, and now i’ve seen this documentary i definitely won’t.

I’ve never had an issue with zoos or sanctuaries and i do support the work that they do. But this was a whole new level, creatures so so huge need space, and it’s no wonder they become aggressive when they have so little space to function when they are used to miles and miles of ocean.

The thing i found most shocking here was the way Sea World as a corporation have the power to manipulate everything. They ‘sugar coat’ the whales dysfunctional behaviours and put them down to  ‘trainer error’. I all honesty for me the most shocking part is the statistic that no human has ever been harmed in the wild by an orca whale.

This documentary uncovered the bad treatment of both the whales and their trainers. Clearly being a whale trainer is a huge deal, many people dream of working that closely with such a beautiful creature, but when risking their lives the trainers weren’t allowed to show pain, they were working under the threat that if they didn’t perform they would be replaced.

In terms of the way the documentary is put together, i really thought it was quite emotional. The use of archived footage alongside interviews made it clear that this has affected real people, and altered their lives massively.

Their is a slight delusion in this field of work, i myself am not a whale trainer, however i feel it is fairly clear that like a horse, which is considered a domestic animal, it will never be completely trained and obedient. Like humans animals have their own minds. Putting your life in the hands of a whale, or any other creature for that matter is a big deal, and there are always consequences and heere it has shown that in some cases the outcome has been tragic.


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