Final Images

I am fairly pleased with my final images. After the disaster of the film, i’m just glad i’ve managed to achieve something. If i’d had more time i feel my work could have been a lot better, i would have had more time to play around with the aesthetics, style it differently, try different layouts and framing. However i didn’t have time to do that, so what i’ve got i’m pleased with.

I’ve managed to get some continuity throughout the series of images. They are all framed nearly exactly the same and use the same colours. The cutlery appears in the same place in all of them as well which is something i had planned to do. I would say some of the images are stronger than others, and some required more attention than others as well. For example the image of the soup needed some ‘cleaning up’ in Photoshop. This was a bit of a pain but i managed it in the end, and learned some new skills and improved the overall quality of the image!

Below shows the before and afters!






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