Desert Island Disks

didI am a massive Miranda fan, and i am not ashamed of that! I find her quite relate-able, she’s so so honest which is refreshing in a society where everyone seems overly polite and scared of the truth.

She’s speaks so honestly about how she feels about herself, and being tall much like her i find her ways rather amusing! As the character she plays i can relate to almost everything, the awkwardness and embarrassment in particular! I’ve never listened to one of these programmes before, but they are actually really good, and i am now definitely more inclined to!

The concept of the show is really interesting, it makes you think about how music is linked to certain moments in your life, and how if you had to choose could you actually do it, should you choose something you don’t know and then learn it while you have a chance or take an old classic that you love and reminds you of a special time or occasion. That’s something to ponder anyway! I’m not sure i could choose if i’m honest i’m far too indecisive.


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