Food styling and photography

After watching the film i made back i decided that really it wasn’t exhibition worthy and that i would need to follow a different path if i wanted to create something that i was fully happy with, and wanted to share with other people. Still based on the idea behind the film, i decided to photography 12 meals. As i managed 6 days of the breadline challenge, that was one for everyday that i did, and one from 6 days of a normal week, just to see the comparison between them. 

I initially went into researching standard food photography and found that it was harder to get right than it would first appear. Light is so important, if the light is awful, the food looks awful and although some of it was i wanted to at least have a half decent photograph of it!

The best photographs a came across, and the ones most similar to the style i hoped to achieve were those from the blog JustAholic her blog is beautiful! She combines fashion with food, and the photographs are simple and just lovely! She styles the food so simply, however not too simply, it doesn’t look like it’s just been thrown on the plate, it has had care put into it. As people say, presentation is everything! The use of a high angle is very common in food photography, i like that here it’s not an aerial shot. The framing is also really nice, i have no doubt that when i begin photographing my meals that some elements of it will be better than others, some will be more photo worthy. Therefore if this is the case, if feel confident that cropping some areas out will still look good!

justaholic5 (1)Colour is hugely important here, the light seems almost perfect, and therefore the food on the plate looks vibrant and fresh. this will be key in showing the differences between my two weeks. The food i ate during the breadline challenge was far less exciting than that i normally do, this might just be opinion but i do think so!

I think for the photography of the food, i need to keep it simple, styling is important but i really don’t want to distract away from the main point of the image and change the intended meaning.


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