I’ve been trying to define what the breadline is, and make my own personal definition of it. I personally think that although it is a measure that is used widely, i think it means different things to different people, and is a lot to do with a personal situation. The government often group these people together, which i suppose they have to but there is a lot more of a personal element than meets the eye.The dictionary defines ‘the breadline’ as the poorest condition in which it is acceptable to live. I suppose this is the amount before a situation is defined as poverty.

When searching for this definition i have come across many different things. On was this website the ‘skint dad’ blog. Through his website this dad explores his own life and options living on a small budget and feeding a family as well as keeping them entertained and enjoying family life. It’s really interesting to read real peoples stories, and understand how much of a struggle it really is for people living in poverty in the UK, which is ironically one of the richest countries in the world. Living on the breadline seems to bring people together, there is a huge online community of people blogging and vlogging about what their lives are really like. They offer advice and money saving tips which will ultimately help others to make their money last longer. 

I have never lived in a state of poverty which is why i really want to undertake this challenge, i’ve never had to struggle for anything which i am so thankful for. However i feel that doing this task will change my attitude, i will be able to relate more to those who do have less, and realise what it really means to over indulge.


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