Food Cycle

Originally i had planned to research into some statistics about food in Leeds and base my project around my findings however, during this process i came across this website. Food Cycle are a group based in Leeds, as well as other places across the UK, that work to reduce food poverty by serving meals to those who are in need. Automatically i was interested in what they do, and the fact they are working to make change happen is great. I was also inspired when i came across the section on their website called ‘The Breadline challenge’. This basically challenges people who don’t live on the breadline to do just this. They give you an average budget of £14.70 for the week which works out at £2.10 a day. I feel that undertaking this challenge as part of this module would really enlighten me. I have never struggled for food ever, and i feel doing this would allow me to empathise with how people do live, and how it effects everything they do. I want to document my experience through film, in a sort of vlog way and from this i am thinking of creating a blog that people would be able to follow. I am extremely interested to see how i personally deal with the situation i will be in, and not just how hungry i may feel but how my emotions change and the way i act around other people.


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