I’ve worked in a kitchen since i was 14, and it’s always been said that there will always be jobs in the food industry, it’s something that humans can’t function without. Whether it’s fine dining or fast food there will always be a need for people.

After thinking about this i was lead to a website that looks at food recruitment in West Yorkshire, where it states that:

“About 55,000 people are employed in the food and drink sector in Yorkshire, with a turnover of over £8bn.”

I found this statistic really interesting, the food industry is huge, and it’s such an important part of everyday life, in health and in employment aspects. Without food the world would be a funny place, or if food had less of an impact of life anyway! There are so many strands that come directly off of the making of food, such as the packaging, processing, selling of products and the delivery of such things.

This statistic really cemented what i’ve always been told, that’s for sure!


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