Starter Kit

I am currently working with the idea of this dog starter kit for the cop 2 exhibition. However i am putting a spin on it. As my project is about the abuse of domestic pets, i decided that i would make this box, but make it a ‘torture’ or ‘abuse’ box instead, so as opposed to nice things that are useful for a pet owner the contents will consist of the things that are or have been used in pet abuse cases. I am keeping the box simple, and almost identical to the one in the video, and then making the changes to it fairly subtle.

After reading more articles online about incidents of pet abuse i have compiled a list of the items i am possibly going to include.

– Clothes Pegs

– A Lighter and Cigarette

– Rope

– A Plastic Bag

– Duct Tape

– Knife and Fork

– Trowl (small digging tool)


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