Time Management

Over this first project i have learned that my time management skills aren’t all that good. I’m terrible, if i make a plan however loose it might be i never end up sticking to it. I wouldn’t say i was disorganised, i just have to be in the right mood to produce work that i’m really happy with and want to take forward. After looking closely at a rough weekly plan and identifying when i actually study and find it best to work, i was able to see that more often that not i work best late at night. Although depending on the work load i am able to work during the day too. I’ve realised that if i get up in the morning and i’m in the mood to work it’s not a problem. I rarely use the studio and it might be better for me to get into the habit of going into uni more often, there are a few less distractions than at home but not always. I think that’s why i like working late at night, there are fewer distractions. After identifying this it made it obvious to me that this could be a reason in why i didn’t get on so well learning illustrator. As i don’t have the software at home, during my most productive working hours i was unable to continue with anything i had started.


We also undertook an excercise about how we deal with a project. I created a timeline which is fairly accurate to how i work. I’d never looked at it on paper before and it made me realise there are a fair few issues. I leave things until the last minute and panic. During this second year i want to get out of that bad habit and make the most of the time i do have, and use it fully. I know if i make a plan i probably won’t stick to it however i should start making lists or more lists that actually give me some idea. Making a to do list for the next day the night before means i can get up and know exactly what i should be doing as opposed to watching tv.


If i can mange to stick to a time plan, i feel my work would be positively effected. Although there is no way of controlling when you might have the best idea, using my time effectively would mean i could see them through to a higher standard.


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