Task 1 Evaluation

What you have learnt and how you have gone about learning it?

I have learned basic skills in illustrator, and have 100% more knowledge than i did at the beginning of this module. I taught myself through using online tutorials, and used trial and error which i find more rewarding and useful than someone just changing the mistake for me.

What is the best way you learn?

I learn best through doing, which probably makes me a kinesthetic learner. I gain most from being fully engaged with something. I think it’s important that i’m enjoying what i’m doing as well as otherwise my brain doesn’t seem to engage very well.

Is there anything else you need to learn?

There’s a lot i could still learn on illustrator, however i have identified that i would maybe like to learn more hands on processes as these seem to be the ones i find most useful. I would like to attend ceramics, mould making, and metal workshops to broaden my skills in the 3 dimensional area. With illustrator i think it’s a case of if i need to know how to do something, learning it when i need to use it and asking someone who knows what they’re doing to help in order to speed up the learning process.

What have you learnt about yourself, managing your workload and independent study?

If i enjoy what i’m doing i’m generally more motivated, and want to work. I work okay independently but need to break the habit of leaving things until the last minute because it always ends in panic, and then my work isn’t as higher standard as it could be. I need to take more photographs of my processes so i can fully reflect on them, and i should reflect straight after so i can remember exactly what happened and how it’s affected my learning. I’m not disorganised, i get things done, i’m just not good at sticking to a rigid plan. I’m going to start writing more lists, in order to keep track of what i’m doing. Also i’m going to carry a notebook everywhere with me as i seem to have my best ideas at the strangest times!


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