Learning Curve

Arrived at uni for a group tutorial this morning a tad nervous about what i had to show for what i’ve learned so far in visual literacy, however it was no where near as bad as i thought. Although i hadn’t produced as much as some people had i realised that i have learned a lot, i had no skills at all before the start of this project and now i can safely say that i do know the basics in illustrator. Although i may need some help doing more complicated processes i do have an understanding and i can find my way around the programme now rather than spending hours on end googling where things are.

Although i haven’t massively enjoyed learning to use the programme i do know how important it is for the improvement of my work, however i have definitely decided that this process is not for me. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is not what i like doing, and i feel restricted as i’m not 100% confident with the software. I am determined to get to grips with it, but until i have a piece of work i need to alter or create in illustrator, i feel that i would work better using a more hands on process.

I have gained some skills here, but i think more than anything it has taught me a lot about myself. I was probably right to have a phobia of computers, we’re not friends. I haven’t enjoyed learning during this first part of visual literacy which is a real shame and it does make it plainly obvious to me that this isn’t what i want to be doing. I’m a firm believer in that you should love what you do and if you don’t there’s a serious problem. I enjoyed the more hands on processes during this module, and was gutted that i couldn’t attend the mould making, and jewelry making workshops, i’m determined that at some point i’ll be able to get into these workshops though. I’ve also realised that i don’t take advantage of the facilities on offer, and the knowledge the technicians have. I need to be more confident and ask for help when i need it! All in all this first part has showed me what i don’t want to do, and identified my way of working which is ultimately going to help my future studies.


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