After the horrible incident with the pen tool earlier i decided to completely start again and abandon anything i’d started. I decided to work with straight lines instead of curves and too my surprise it was 100 times easier to control, and made me feel like i’d actually achieved something. Along with using the pen tool i managed to get to grips with the gradient tool ultimately creating my own gradients and using them in the piece i created. i got so excited and into this task that i forgot to screenshot it along the way but essentially it started as a square with zig zag lines through it crossing at certain points to create shapes within the square. In turn i then used the eyedropper tool add colour to the different shapes. I still don’t overly enjoy illustrator but i do feel that i’m learning things even though it drives me crazy and makes me want to throw things.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 17.24.11


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