Unreported World


After someone mentioned the dog trade in Vietnam to me, i had to find out more. I started by looking at the article linked above, and then moved on to watch the full documentary which was part of Channel 4s unreported world series. Which i now have become highly interested in! It’s shocking the issues that go on further afield, and this really proves the power that the creative industry has, in particular documentaries. The media has an immense power, and ultimately makes the world a slightly smaller place.

As my cop project is based around pet cruelty i found it interesting to see how different cultures deal with domestic animals. The dogs were being stolen and sold as meat, obviously culturally that is very different to here in the UK, but peoples pet were being stolen from them and abused in ways similar to domestic pets in the UK. It’s sad to see so much cruelty against helpless animals all across the world. Especially when animals kept as pets build up a trust with humans and are then hurt in such brutal ways.


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