Socially engaged illustrations and campaigns. After researching a bit more i came across the wwf campaign against animal extinction and global warming (shown below). I’m interested in the way that they’ve used type as the illustration. As a practitioner i don’t feel that illustration is my strongest point however i feel that these images work well to illustrate a point. I would like to create something that isn’t maybe as obvious as this, so the viewer has to get closer in order to understand the story behind the work.


Another campaign which is closer related to the project i am planning is this one by the ASPCA entitled ‘Whatever you can imagine, we’ve seen worse.’ This is hugely powerful, it’s simple, yet fairly disturbing at the same time. As opposed to illustration it uses real imagery, which seems to make it all the more powerful. This series explores more domestic abuse of animals as opposed to the wwf campaign that explores wider issues. I personally feel that the wider issues are used a lot, and people seem more aware of it. But a lot of people don’t realise the horrific abuse domestic pets often endure. I like the way that through 3 simple images the story of the animal’s life is shown.



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