COP2 ideas

After visiting this website and reading some of the disturbing articles about pet cruelty, i decided that this is an issue i do feel really strongly about. At the moment i am planning to create a series of postcards exploring how horrific some animals are treated by their owners. One story that has stuck with me is about a kitten that was put in a microwave, and i definitely want to feature this in my exhibition piece. After some research i haven’t been able to find anything direct relating between the subject and medium i want to work in. I’ve explored postcards as a way of presenting work and illustration, and in particular animal illustrations. I want to create a piece that at first appears fairly innocent, however on a closer look shows the severity of the situation. I feel this could be a reflection of the situation some of these animals are in, from the outside seems fine but on a closer look it’s not.


The first set of illustrations that caught my attention was Ola Liola’s series Whimsically coloured wildlife. I feel i could incorporate the use of colour into my work, but i might explore different colour palettes to express the emotions i want to convey.


The second piece of work i was drawn to is Jen Rowland’s series of foiled illustrated cards. This combines both elements. This would also offer me the opportunity to put into practice some of the skills i have gained during the first part of visual literacy.



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