Second Year Proposal

What is your action plan for the year?

  • Develop my existing skills
  • Do more supporting research for my work, identify what is current and then use this to inspire my ideas.

What area(s) of practice(s) do you intend to develop?

  • I would like to develop more skills in programmes such as Photoshop as I only have a very basic knowledge, and often this can be restricting and means my work isn’t always as experimental as it could be.
  • I have also found that I enjoy working 3 dimensionally, and would like to explore the facilities the college has to offer such as casting, and the use of glass and ceramics.
  • I have always had a keen interest in type and layout as well, I would like to learn more technical skills in this area and intend to take many books out of the library to assist me with this.

What technology, equipment and software are you likely to use as a practitioner?

  • Generally I steer away from computers, I prefer to work by had however I realise that in this day and age it’s important to have an understanding of these programmes.

Identify gaps in your knowledge?

  • Again I think I’m lacking most knowledge in the area of computers and the adobe software, I struggle to learn in the taught sessions and think I learn better through practicing, however if I don’t know how to do it initially I won’t get any better.
  • I know how to use most of the facilities in the college

 What learning are you doing to support this?

  • I feel that last year I didn’t use the library to its full potential, I think both my practical and theory work would benefit if I took more time to explore other designers and artists work.
  • I am trying increasingly to keep up to date with new and more modern practices, what is changing within the art world and the current trends.

Have you considered the broader developments in technology and the future of visual communication?

  • Through the use of the internet the world has become a smaller place, but it allows a vast platform for sharing and communicating. Technology will keep developing, and this is a great thing for visual communication.

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