In order to put my piece back into context i decided it would be best to link it back to the initial topic of unethical fashion and how unsustainable the fashion industry has become. As the piece covers the whole face it’s almost exploring the idea of the consumer being blind to what they are doing. I did some research into some of the most well known brands as a starting point. In order to get the best information and most accurate statistics i looked at the ethical consumer website. It gives a run down of how ethical different high street brands are and gives them a simple rating which is easily understood. Image


Seemingly Primark is one of the most popular stores on the highstreet today. Environmentally Primark scores a low rating of 3.5/4 out of 20, and is given this rating for it’s unsustainable use of palm oil in some of it’s products. As well as this it was rated in a low way for it’s ethics rating to people “a report published by campaigners in May 2011 revealed how garment suppliers in India are exploiting  young unmarried women as a cheap, captive workforce.” 

For these reasons i decided i would take my piece to the Primark in the city center of Leeds and photograph it. Initially i was worried about this process and i had convinced myself it was going to be a complete disaster. The strategy was set up the shots put the head piece on and then snap the photographs as quickly as possible. I really thought the staff would have a massive issue with me being there, however we managed to go in and get a good few photos without any hassle at all, just a few funny looks from other people shopping! As i’d gone in expecting to be kicked out almost instantly i sort of hadn’t considered all of the different shots i could get so it was quite a spontaneous shoot but i’m quite pleased with the results! Below are the best of the bunch, and i’m hoping displaying these alongside my headpiece that has been described as “a bit fucking weird”, will tie it all together and make the point clearer. I’m not sure wordpress does anything for the quality of the images!


It would have been great to get some feedback in a crit on these images however due to the amount of time it has taken me to construct the piece i have been unable to do this. I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out, of course there are things i would like to improve, for example the last image has a fairly busy background so the different colours in the head piece are less clear, i do however like that you can see how mass produced the clothes in the shop are and the sheer volume of clothes. The image of Amelia trying on the shoes is a nice image because again you can take in the amount of shoes there are and the amount of choice today’s consumer has. It would have been better if she hadn’t been looking down but i do really like the image! Given more time and the opportunity to photograph the piece again i think i’d have a lot more ideas about how to photograph the piece. I would have also liked to visit different stores and photograph in them as well!

I think these images really bring home the idea of the blind consumer, because you can’t see the face it gives a sense of anonymity, which ultimately means it can be applied to anyone and everyone, which is what i’d hoped the piece would do!

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