Initial Manipulations

When i decided to work with material i had a mad googling session of the best ways in which to manipulate fabric. There are so many different ways of doing it and i was a bit overwhelmed! I decided i’d give a few of them a go and try my own ways as well.

The first was a stitching method using a grid of dots as a pattern. This was a fairly tedious process although the results were quite good they didn’t quite give me the striking 3 dimensional effect i really wanted to portray. However attempting to do these pieces definitely made me appreciate how difficult it must be to do on a large scale in fashion pieces and such. Anyway below are some images of the processes and the final products i came out with!



The images below show the process of using material in a similar way to paper mache. I read on one of the many crafting websites i visited that it can work in a similar way so i gave it a try. I struggled at first as it was over easter and my mum seems to hate glue in the house i can’t think why! But i managed to get a few pieces out of it. I dipped the pieces of material into a pva glue and water mixture and then layed it over a selection of rocks i found in  the garden to achieve the wavy texture it has. After leaving it to dry for a few hours it held up pretty well, but i still wasn’t 100% sure it was really what i wanted.






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