After deciding i wanted to create a headpiece i wondered about possibly covering the whole face, shown in the images in the previous post, is a large hat i got in the bag of material from a local charity shop, which acted pretty well as a makeshift balaclava. Ultimately this would lead to the wearer of the piece being anonymous, which i quite liked the idea of. It linked to the idea that consumers are blind to the issues surrounding sustainable, they simply keep buying and don’t see the damage it’s doing. Before assembling my piece i researched into other designers that had created balaclavas, or pieces that cover the face.

james hock fashion design, Mirror Ball Balaclava, ultra violet id, UV id, photographer Simian Coates, model gimp, balaclava by james hock

The first, shown above, is by fashion designer James Hock, titled, Mirror Ball Balaclava, i absolutely love the simplicity of this piece, it is what it is. I quite like the way it’s photographed as well, it’s very basic which means the balaclava is the main focus of the image.

Fashion hood balaclava mask menswear margiela

☆maison martin margiela

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