Nature & Fashion

Nature is everywhere, and is often overlooked and overtaken by the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is influential in most design areas, and i hope to explore this throughout my self directed project. Ultimately i am looking at the effect ever changing fashion and the recycling of textiles has on the environment. The examples below show instances where fashion has been directly intersected with nature and natural elements. I feel it would be too much to make a garment from actual elements of nature due to leaves drying out and such, i feel they may be quite difficult to work with.   by Oleg TityaevThe Weedrobes Wardrobe complements the series of wearables as a collection of fictional outfits for today’s eco-warrior. Like paper cut-out dresses, these garments made from leaves, flowers and edibles, represent a yearning for a fashion industry built on sustainable materials and practices. HEMSLEY & HEMSLEY - What a fabulously healthy looking dress! I plan to use these as examples to inspire my work. I’m going to take images from nature, and create drawings from these. From these i hope to replicate textures that i found in recycled materials, and then assemble something 3 dimensional from that.


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