Documentary Film Evaluation-

During the course of this brief I learned many new skills, after the previous film project I had a basic understanding of premier however now I feel I understand it a lot better and would be confident to use the software on an individual project. As well as this I feel that I’ve gained confidence in working with outside organisations, at first I was anxious about it but as the project went on I came to realise that, it was a great project to be part of and that rather than stressing about it I should probably just enjoy it.


As a group we worked well, however there were issues with certain members of the group not turning up when they were supposed to, or turning up late, which all in all affected the quality of the work we produced at times and meant we had to keep altering the filming schedule we had put together. When all the group were together it worked really well, but I feel that we may have been able to produce a film of a higher standard had we all been able to work together all the time. Although this was an issue I feel Fran and myself were able to undertake the work load effectively, we worked in a similar way which helped to keep us organised.


During the editing process, again some of the group members weren’t always present, so Fran and I had the task of editing the film by ourselves. In this case it worked quite well, rather than dealing with the conflicting input of 4 people we were able to reach a happy medium between ourselves.


Given the opportunity to do this brief again, I would probably undertake more research into the structure of documentary films as I feel this would have helped in the final editing process, and the sorts of shots we could have used.


It was a great experience working with real people and it really made it clear what working will be like after university. As well as this it was good to learn about the legalities of filming, previously I had no idea about that side of things.



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