When we returned to uni after Christmas, one of my flat mates had a new calender and it is just lovely. It’s a series of Rob Ryan’s paper cut images, one for every month as you’d expect! It got me thinking back to when he was also mentioned in one of our lectures. Although his work is absolutely fantastic, i started thinking not so much about his beautifully crafted work but the materials he uses. In particular paper, and how underrated it is as a material. I feel like paper has become such an everyday material that other materials have therefore become superior to it. Anyhow, i began trawling the grand old internet with paper in mind.

I remembered that as a child i had an origami set so that’s where i began, and it just went on from there. Then one of my flat mates suggested i look into ‘paper engineering’ and i found some absolutely amazing creations.

Typographic Mobile - Ebon Heath.

This piece entitled ‘Typographic Mobile’ is by Ebon Heath and explores the idea of visual poetry.  An article from describes his work as “trying to visualize the invisible, to put a form to the surrounding sounds of the every day life and to inject fantasy into reality.” His work forces the reader or viewer to work, they are challenged by his sculptures. The way in which he ‘frees’ the words from the confines of a page is fascinating and really exciting, language is such a key part of human life and this really pushes the pre-set boundaries and creates something that is intellectually fascinating as well as intriguing to the eye.


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