Narrative Layouts


Paul Davis illustrative portraits, simplistic line drawing accompanied by text, the lack of detail is inquisitive. The rough outlines and use of handwritten text all in all give the work a personal feel which is something i feel could help make my narrative book work well as i hope to convey the more personal aspects of a natural disaster, rather than the distant less attached view you get from the national and international news. The use of the handwritten text could be interpreted as someone quickly scribbling down their feelings at the time, it conveys a sense of urgency. I also like the idea of using textured backgrounds, recycled materials such as squared paper. The drawings i have produced at the moment are on tracing paper which means i can experiment with this further.


The majority of the pages within the narrative book are double page spreads, the above spread comes from the zine ‘sad girls’ again i like the simplistic layout, as well as the use of different coloured pages. Although there is no text here i like the way that the illustrations almost speak for themselves, the emotions are very clear. I want to create illustrations that have the ability to speak for themselves, but i am planning to incorporate text in order to make the intended meaning as clear as possible.


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