Narrative module evaluations-

Film Evaluation-

The film brief was a bit of a challenge for the group we were placed in, none of us had a lot of experience with film and therefore we weren’t sure where to start. However after watching numerous black and white style films we decided that was what we wanted to do. As a group the initial planning stages were fine and storyboarding worked well. However when it came to sorting props and a film setting Amelia and myself seemed to take the main roles but not because we hadn’t informed the rest of the group what was going on.

I would say the co-operation between Amelia and myself helped make the film a success, although further into the project other members did take on some of the work. I think if all of us had had an equal amount of work the film may have been better than it was.

The research we did into all aspects of the film really helped make the film a success, I feel that it made it look authentic and how it would have had it been made in the 1920s.

Given the opportunity to redo the film, It would be nice to have a more even split of roles. As well as this the opportunity to run a test shoot or film on more than one occasion would have been a great help. As we only filmed once, and our film knowledge was rather scarce, some of the shoots we had intended to use were out of focus or too dark.

Narrative book evaluation-

Illustration isn’t one of my strongest points, therefore the thought of creating an illustrative book was a bit daunting. I feel that the book I created was of an alright standard however the narrative running through it was maybe not as strong as it could have been. If the project had been slightly longer I feel I could have created or interpreted the news story in a better way.

I feel that the simplicity of my book was one of the strongest aspects; it had a clear running theme and it all fitted together quite nicely. Throughout the project I learned a fair few skills of photoshop and even stretched out into learning a bit of illustrator in order to live trace my images. As well as this learning to use In Design has also given me more software to make use of in the future.

I’ve also learned the importance of type and it’s placement on the page. Simple type is more effective and its placement on the page is very important.


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