Costumes & Characters

This series of images depicts the typical 1940s female and male. The females were nearly always housewives and homemakers, associated with the typical tasks of cooking, cleaning and caring for the whole family. Looking at these typical images gave us our own ideas for the design of our characters costumes and the character traits they would also possess. Although as a group we already had a basic understanding of the types of costume we would use these images cemented these ideas. As well as costume ideas, we were also able to understand what the set of our film would need to look like, which led to thinking of a location that would be suitable. We also found that the characteristics depicted tended to be exaggerated and there were no images of unhappy family life, it’s always smiles, which we hope to be able to portray in the footage we record. Although the style of our film is 1920s we hope that the stereotypes present in the 1940s will enable us to portray characters well and therfore ensure the moral of the fable is clear and stresses the point of the film.



More visual research for this part of the brief can be found on my pinterest page


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