Exploring the narratives brief has led me to look at different areas of visual communication that i hadn’t always considered or been overly interested in. The idea of collage often reminds me of when i was young and would cut up magazines and catalogues to create different scenarios, however i feel i could bring this way of working back into my practice now to create imagery that wouldn’t have the same feel if it had been simply photoshopped or hand drawn in. I personally really like the ‘diy’ feel that collage has and the connotations of the punk era it posses. After some research i found that collage has been around since before the punk era, although it would appear this was a turning point in it’s popularity.

For example Kurt Schwiters 1887-1948, used elements of collage in his work.

Image Plan Of Love 1919-23

The thing i like most about this piece is the use of materials that would normally be considered ‘useless’ he seems to use throwaway items and make them into a fine art piece. I personally like working onto surfaces like this, the textural element can add so much to a piece of work. As well as this the care in the placing of the pieces of collage is incredible, moving the textures even slightly would alter the image completely and lead to a different meaning. I feel collage allows you to appreciate things that aren’t necessarily an art form, an envelope for example can be transformed from something rather mundane and unexciting to be part of a piece. Everytime you look at this particular piece your eye is drawn to something different and it leaves you wondering why that particular piece of paper, did it have a significance at the time this was created?

Another artist’s collages i have found interesting are Michelle Thompson’s


I particularly like the use of framing here, as well as the use of both colour and black and white. The cut and stick approach to this piece definitely gives it an air of surrealism. By adding other images of quite normal situations the artist has completely changed the narrative of the image. To begin with it may of been a simple portrait, but the use of collage gives it something more and suggests the thoughts or maybe thought process of the female. Looking at these artists has inspired my own work and i hope that i can maybe bring collage into my future work.


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