Observational Drawings

mush2 mush3 mush4 mush5

Drawings based on mushrooms found at the Chinese supermarket- i tried to look at the vegetable from different angles in order to find some inspiration for the illustration we would later create.

mush7 mush8 mush9 mush10 mush6mush11 mush12

Theses images explore different drawing techniques and textures. They consider elements of the mushroom that are further than the surface, for example its texture and the sound it might make, as well as where it might be found and the opposites of it’s qualities. Exploring the vegetable deeper acted as inspiration for the illustration i created. I considered more than meets the eye and came up withe following ideas that i then proceeded to make into a two colour screen print. I mainly considered the texture of a mushroom for this idea, when cooked mushrooms have a slimy consistency- as do snails and slugs.

Scan0003 Scan0005 Scan0006


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